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Mini Asplalt Paver RP403

Deutz water-cooled diesel engine with strong power
The key parts are imported from European countries, ensuring the durability and reliability of the machine.
Central controlled operation ensure easy to maintain.
The maintenance-free crawler travel device
 Basic paving width(m)1.8~3.4
 Maximum paving width(m)4.2
 Maximum paving thickness(mm)200
 Working speed(m/min)0~30
 Running speed(km/h)0~3.6
 Theoretical productivity(t/h)300
 Bucket capacity(t)12
 Camber adjustable range(%)-1~3
 Power of diesel engine(kW)75
 Speed of diesel engine(rpm)2000
 Material conveying speed(m/min)0~28
 Material distributing speed(r/min)0~75
 Vibration speed(r/min)0~1500
 Outside dimensions(mm)5535*1800*3580
 Overall weight(t)9.5
 Volume of diesel tank()130
 Volume   of hydraulic oil tank(L)140