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3Ton Wheel loader LW300FN

Rated load: 3 Tons / 1.8 cubic
Weichai engine 92kW
Countershaft gearbox
Dry drive axle
Cabin with fan
Various accessories available
Rated load(t)3
Bucket capacity(m3)1.8
Dumping height(mm)2892
Dumping distance(mm)1104
Max. drawing force(kN)≥120
Max. traction(kN)≥90
Dimension (Length × Width × Height )(mm)6905×2470×3028
Operating weight(t)10
Boom lifting time(s)5.65
Total time of three devices(s)10.3
Min. turning radius (bucket outer)(mm)5925
Rated power(mm)92
Travel speed I Gear   (Forward/Backward)(km/h)0~10/14
II Gear (Forward/Backward)(km/h)0~16/25
III Gear (Forward)(km/h)0~21
IV Gear (Forward)(km/h)0~35
Boom Parameter 
Bucket capacity()1.5/1.8
Rated load(t)2.6/2.6
Dimension (Length × Width × Height)(mm)7127×2470×3028;7226×2470×3028
Dumping height(mm)3253/3200
Dumping distance(mm)1051/1142
Operating weight(t)10.2/10.2