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100Ton Off-road Crane

100T Rough Terrain Crane RT100
Max. lifting height main boom extended: 45.6m
Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer chassis;
Fully hydraulic steering system;
Cummins electronically-controlled engine
Superior pick-and-carry ability during short-distance transit can bring great convenience to the users.
Digital display ensure the safety and high efficiency of the operation
Max. rated lifting weight × working radius (kg.m)75000×3.0100000×3.0
Max. lifting moment of basic boom(kN.m)28143339
Max.lifting moment of longest boom(kN.m)11841388
Max. lifting height of longest boom(m)4145.6
Max. lifting height of jib(m)56.863
Outline dimensions (L×W×H)(mm)14897×3395×384014247×3620×3960
Distance between outriggers (Longitudinal × transversal)(mm)7380×13008000×7900
Main boom length (completely retracted – completely   extended)(mm)12500-3850010800-34000
Jib length (completely retracted – completely extended)(mm)10000-17000010000-170000
Main boom angle of elevation(°)-3~78-3~78
Swing range360°continuously360°continuously
Max.speed of single rope on the drum of main winch(m/min)125125
Boom extension time(s)110170
Boom retraction time(s)90158
Boom derricking up time(s)8082
Boom derricking down time(s)7069
Swing speed(r/min)0201.5
Rated working pressure(MPa)2930
Rated working flow(L/min)320500
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L)10001200
Complete vehicle kerb mass(kg)5284065000
Front axle load(kg)2776033200
Rear axle load(kg)2508031800
Max. traveling speed (forwards / backwards)(km/h)36/3624/15
Treads (front / rear)(mm)26322860