320HP Forest Lumbering Bulldozer SD32F

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320HP Forest Lumbering Bulldozer SD32F

● This product adopts hydraulic drive and hydraulic control technologies, featuring advanced and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performances, and light and flexible operations.
● The special lumbering ROPS cab is suitable for the lumbering in the rainforests and forest farms.
● The optional trimming blade can powerfully clear all kinds of bramble obstacles along the lumbering path.


L × W × H (mm) (excluding ripper)


Operating weight(t)
(excluding ripper)


Engine model


Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Ground pressure(Mpa)


Blade type

Straight tilting blade    Semi-U blade    Trimming blade

Blade capacity

10 for straight tilting blade and 11.7 for Semi-U blade

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