220HP Wet Land Bulldozer SD22S

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220HP Wet Land Bulldozer SD22S

SD22S wetland bulldozer is designed and developed especially in response to the characteristics of wetland working conditions and can work normally in the soft and muddy soil conditions inaccessible by conventional machine models.
Engine power/speed: 162kw/1800rpm
Operating weight of whole machine: 25700Kg
Blade capacity: 6.8m3(Straight tilting blade)

Earthworks in muddy regions (such as mudflat and wet soil).


L × W × H (mm)
(excluding ripper)


Operating weight (t)
(excluding ripper)


Engine model

WD12G240E206/ NT855-C280S10

Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Ground pressure(Mpa)


Blade type

Straight tilting blade

Blade capacity(m3)


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